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The same square do not snap to each other sometimes

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See the video clip or try it in the file. The squares were duplicated and arranged in grids. But sometimes it is not able to snap to it's previous instances. (Column 2, 4th element and column 3, 2nd element) The snapping is expected to work 100% as it is a square and it has been duplicated.




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Hi 5argon,

The behaviour is by design and is because your snapping options are set to use a Candidate List which can only contain a maximum of 6 objects. This means you can only snap to the last 6 selected objects. If you enable 'Show Snapping Candidates' it will show a purple outline to indicate which objects you want to snap to.

If you don't like this behaviour then you can change 'Candidates' to Immediate Layers or All Objects.

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