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Tutorial for Edit Table Formats?

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I try to get the alternate row shading in table. I cannot figure out how Edit Table Formats works.

I looked at 

But that does not help. Make a 2x2 table. and go to Edit Table Formats. There is a 3x3 Table with dark gray triangles on the sides that can be moved up and down. No idea what that is supposed to be. Try to select a row in the 3x3, assign a color to that row, but it will color the entire 2x2 sample table in that color, not just one row. Tried all sorts of permutations on selection cells columns moving triangles, but whatever I do, the entire 2x2 table is colored in the same background. 

Also looked at Help, and there is nothing specific in there either. 

Having a video tutorial on the Edit Table Format interface would be great.

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Hi Daniel Geiger,

1st, don't try to use the Tablet Format panel just yet.

Instead put your table on the page and now select the rows you want to highlight and then select the colour from the Colour Panel and these rows will be given that colours.  Now with the table selected, go to the Table Format panel click on the flyout menu (top right corner of the panel) and select 'Add Format From Selection'.  This will create a new table format with the highlights already in place, so next time you can just assign that to a table.

I agree we do need a video tutorial covering the Table Formatting options and it's finer points.

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