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Hello all, first time posting here. Me and my mother have been learning how to use Affinity Designer for iPad by following the instructions in the workbook. To learn how to use Vector Brushes we downloaded the resources for Chapter 3 (The Whittler). When importing brushes, the file picker comes up and literally all of the 1st party resources are greyed out and unavailable to import.

I searched the forums and apparently this has been a known bug since at least Oct 2018, as Dan C writes:


Once the folder is unzipped and the .afbrushes file is available, please copy this to a cloud storage such as iCloud or Dropbox. There's currently a bug which occasionally affects importing .afbrushes files from your iPads local storage. Our devs are aware of this and are working to fix it, but copying the file to a cloud service and importing from here is the current workaround. I hope this helps!

My mother cannot use iCloud or Dropbox to store a 500+ Mb file (this is for a single chapter's resources). I stored the unzipped files on the iPad because:

  • iCloud Drive is notoriously bad a syncing and keeping files on device. This is problem compounded when working via a low bandwidth connection which is all our family has access to.
  • Dropbox is not focusing on users like me an my mother anymore. I'm moving as much as I can off that ship, it's sailing for land of enterprise/team based users.

I followed the instructions for importing resources from the book and it just fails halfway through. This is a "current workaround" as Dan writes. However, as October 2019 approaches (a year since their post, four updates later) this statement becomes more and more untrue and unacceptable.

I'm not sure if this post constitutes a bug report, if there is a way to make an official report please inform me how/where to do so. I really like the product, my mother really likes the ability to use the Apple Pencil and we both hope this can be resolved soon.


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Hi shawnthroop,

The issue is still open with development to be fixed, so I will get it bumped with them with your comments.

Unfortunately the only thing I can suggest (and I'm aware its not exactly what you're wanting to hear) is that you temporarily create a copy of the brushes (they're only 11mb) on iCloud or Dropbox and import them from there. Once imported they can then be removed from those services as it doesn't reference them after they've been imported.



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I can't import .afstyles from DropBox or iCloud in Designer 1.7.2. Files are greyed out. This seams to happen when you don't have Affinity Photo installed.

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