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Baseline Grid – multiple and misaligned


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I have been attempting to reproduce InDesign typesetting prior to migration. Latest problem is with the baseline grid. I hope we all agree there should be only one such grid in any single document. Publisher seems to create more than one and then misalign them, on each side of a spread. (MacOS 10.9.5 + Publisher 1.7.1)

Having auto flowed text into my new document, I noticed misalignment at the base of the third page (RHS of first spread after a single page starting a chapter). I was then astonished to see a second baseline grid appear within the RHS text frame, misaligned with the document one. Screenshot attached.

Have to say also that 1) it is far from clear to what entity the grid belongs (it appears as an optional attribute, with setup, to document and text frame), and 2) display is similarly confusing since it appears covering whole page when start from Top Margin is selected.

I'm afraid this is damning. It renders the package unusable for the typesetting of any book. If it is down to an older version of operating system then fine, but please don't claim to support it. I cannot upgrade the system, losing InDesign, unless I know issues like this, and the other two I've posted (failure of Insert Section Name, odd behaviour of tab) are resolved in the later version.

You guys at Infinity should know there's a lot of people looking over our shoulders out here, as early adopters. Speedy resolution at least of the fatal flaws will make a huge difference to take up.


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Hi beast,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Looks like you have both the document baseline grid enabled (which is what you want) and the text frame baseline grid also enabled which you don't need/want. To disable it, select the text frame in question go to menu View > Studio > Text Frame and untick Use baseline grid in the Baseline Grid section on the bottom of that panel. If this doesn't "fix" the issue do you mind attaching the document for us to take a look please? Thanks.

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Ok, thanks. Now I have a different problem.

On the publication page where the problem appeared, the text frame baseline grid sub-panel was inactive. So I looked on the Master Page concerned and found it active.  Turned it off. Things looking much better there.

Problem now is that none of the publication pages have updated. They still show the text frame baseline grid. Do I have to delete them all and create new ones? Rather negates the whole point of master pages if so.

I am also foxed as to why allow distinct baseline grid in any text frame when surely the whole point is to align text between frames.


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Have managed to apply the corrected master page, though with some considerable difficulty. Had to Apply Master to affected publication pages, which disconnected text flow. Had to reflow it.

Still think that any change to a master page should automatically appear on all publication pages using it, and that there should be only one baseline grid per document, as in InDesign, though can see utility of using a different one per spread or section. Should be an attribute of just one of these at a time IMHO.

Thanks again for the help.

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This is messed up in the Retail and Beta. Pretty much the only thing which is not updated automatically is the Text Frame's baseline grid. As @beast has pointed out we need to re-apply the master (and subsequently rebuild our document) or we have to use this fairly involved method - - make new text frames and delete the old ones. The latter is tricky and finicky in that you have to un link the two frames on the spread by deleting one of the old frames then link to the new replacement frame and delete the remaining old one on the other page or wherever it is and relink with the new one. This will propagate through the document but the start page will not be the Right hand page it will always become the left hand page.

@MEB I honestly think the baseline was updating in the older (pre release retail) betas. (could be wrong, though this is the kind of thing that I would have noticed).

Finally as an aside to an aside; The baseline in a text frame remains the same even if the lower right resize handle is used to shrink or enlarge the font size. I think I like that.

Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 12.7.2 
Affinity Designer 2.3.1 | Affinity Photo 2.3.1 | Affinity Publisher 2.3.1 | Beta versions as they appear.

I have never mastered color management, period, so I cannot help with that.

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