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Digital Asset Management - What replaced Lightroom for you?

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Hi All,

Mac user here and still working my through Affinity trial and wanted to ask those who moved from Adobe. What has replaced LR with regards to managing & tagging your photographs, and creating collections etc? I don't really use Photoshop that much, if at all, and the things I love about LR are:


- I can manage and edit all my photos in a single program. 99.9% of the time, adjustment brushes are all I need - Not a deal breaker.

- I can tag/key word my photos and create collections, making finding files a breeze - This is one thing I think I will miss, if I decide to move from LR.

- I don't need to save anything - my work up to that point is remembered. If I quit the app, nothing needs to be saved. - Not a deal breaker.


Affinity Photo so far has been impressive.  The workflow is different for sure and would need some re-adjusting. The main pull for me is the price, and the fact I don't need to be constantly signed into something like Creative Cloud - That BS just rubs me the wrong way.

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I quit Adobe a little more that a year ago. When I take just a few pictures Photo does the job for RAW editing. But when I came back with a few hundred RAW pictures I was missing LR. I went to On1 RAW 2019. Not perfect but batch editing is much easier and faster. And you pay once.

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