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Proper way to import brushes...I'm having trouble

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Hello All!

Noob here :)

I tried loading the free brush set that came with my copy of AP today. I used the brushes panel>Import brushes but neither AD or AP would see the file when I navigated to my downloads folder where they were. I guess Affinity wasn't recognizing the file.
So.......I double clicked on the brush file itself and chose open with AD and designer opened and said the brushes were imported successfully but they are nowhere to be found in the brushes menu. I was hoping they would show up in the menu in their own category.
I'm wondering 2 things. #1 do I need to find them and clean them out before reloading them? and where are they in the file structure?
#2 What is the proper way to load a set brushes so each new set shows up in it's own category? Is this possible?

Many thanks...

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Hi Stitches,

They should just import into the brushes tab the way you tried. If they are raster brushes they wont appear in the default persona you will need to switch to the Pixel Persona and check the brushes tab there.



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Hi Callum and thanks for responding!

That first set of brushes did wind up installing and showed up after closing and reopening the program. However.......I have another question (or two) if you would be so kind.

I bought another set of brushes which contained both raster and vector brushes. I installed it in the vector persona and the vector brushes are there but the raster brushes did not magically appear in the pixel persona. I'm worried about doubling up on brushes and bloating with extra megabytes. I used the import brushes in the brushes panel trying to import them them into a new category.....which did not work. They did import but not into my category.

So... 1) Should I install these again in the pixel persona to get the pixel brushes? or should I delete them and click on the brush file and let them do the install themself?

2) Is there a way to move brushes to a new category once they're installed? I haven't been able to figure this out yet.

Many thanks.......

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Never mind on everything up to my second question there. I was moving too fast over here and figured out my problem.  Again thanks for responding.

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