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How Publisher handles editing of Linked resources is confusing

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I am confused about how linking works in Publisher, when you edit your linked objects while inside Publisher. 

If I create a new Publisher doc and Place a simple Designer object in it, I can then double-click on the Designer object and edit it. Cool. I can activate the Designer Persona and use those tools. Super cool. But in the Resource Manager, it shows as Linked... and the changes I make inside Publisher are not reflected in the source Designer object. So it's linked, but it acts like it's Embedded when you edit it, because my edits don't trickle down to the source object. 

Then, if I update the Designer object in Designer, the Publisher notices the change and the placed copy updates... erasing the changes that I made inside Publisher. 

If I edit a Linked object, do I still need the source file or does it become Embedded? 

What are best practices for working with this system? 

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I think that placing other Affinity files is actually embedding them instead of merely linking them, even if you have your settings as Prefer Linking. This was discussed when it was in beta. I never found out if that was by design or not, but it behaves differently than other graphics formats for some reason.

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Interesting, thanks... that sure is what it seems like. The dude will abide... but I hope they can make this more clear. 

Still, from a cold start I was able to be productive in my first session. Pretty cool!

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