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I am new to the forum and am very interested in the Affinity program.  I must say at the start.  As a 16 year user, and veteran of Serif's Page Plus layout program and Draw Plus programs, I just want to put it out that really all I want is these two marvelous programs made for Mac.   If you folks at Serif would just do that; I would be an ecstatic camper!

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Allen these Affinity branded Mac apps are entirely new with no code shared from Serif's Windows range. The Affinity titles are intentionally different from the Plus products, they're unashamedly pro, but you may still fall in love with them even though the feature sets are different.

Twitter: @Writer_Dale
Affinity apps run on: Ryzen 5 3600, 32GB RAM, GTX1650 Super

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When can we expect the other Affinity products like Digital Photo Editing for example ? Because I stopped my Adobe CC subscription, I would be very happy to be able to use Affinity's tools. So far what is saw by experiencing Affinity Designer, I am amazed to see how powerful it is. I made a little test with Pixelmator's selection tool and with Affinity Designer's (which is not made for pictures). It was a big picture of 500 mb. Affinity Designer showed no problem and Pixelmator showed the colored spinning wheel. Pixelmator is on the Mac App Store since more than 3 years now and it is still not able to work properly. In the beginning I sent them a message and they were very arrogant. So I would be so happy to buy Affinity's products in order to have a reliable alternative to Adobe Creative Cloud...



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Hi Laurent,


That's great to hear! We're aiming to get Affinity Photo ready for beta after Designer is released on the Mac App Store. We're obviously keen to release it but we won't do so until it's definitely ready - we only want to make apps that we're proud of and confident in :)


Thanks again,


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