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Sudden crash, no backup file

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I've been using Photo for digital painting on my PC lately (Win 10), and twice in as many weeks (and only since the latest update to 1.7) the program has crashed completely - just straight up dropped away (not frozen up), and when I open it again it offers no backup or history file - the only apparent option is to reopen the recent file, which of course has nothing I've done since last manual save. 

When digital painting (at least for me) there are few pauses in process - as there are in photo processing - which are natural places to manually save, so time slips away and when it crashes I've lost a considerable amount of progress. Which is frustrating. Particularly since these problems weren't encountered in previous versions of the software. 

Just making the team aware.

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Hey snukalot,

I'm sorry you've lost work—it's never nice to hear :(

I'm a little surprised that the recover file offers no changes since the last manual save though. By default, it should be doing one every 300 seconds (by default) so the most you should really lose is 5 minutes.

I appreciate time can zip by when you're in the moment. 

It would be nice to figure out what the trigger is (it could be anything) so I would highly recommend providing us with some crash reports as soon as you get the crash. They can be found from - %AppData%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\CrashReports

Oh and welcome to the Affinity Forums :) 

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