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Pinch gesture not working (Severe issue)

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Hey everyone!

Here is a recording I made with Affinity Designer 1.7 on iPad mini 5, iOS 12.2, visualizing touches set to true, showing the gestures fail a lot:

This shows the input itself does in fact get recognized.
The gestures mostly fail when using thumb and index finger, but will mostly work when using index finger and middle finger. After some testing, I can say this is true for both Affinity products as well as for Procreate.
Since the visualization shows that the input is indeed recognized, could there be an issue with iOS rejecting input because of palm rejection issues?

Unfortunately, for me, persistently using index and middle finger is not an option. It's very inconventient.

Best wishes,


Also, I posted here about this as well: 



And again, the topics about this on the Procreate forums:


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I'm having a very similar problem.  Pinch to zoom only causes objects to move.  This has been happening since before the 1.7 upgrade.  

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