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RAW FUJI X10 still does not work

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I just updted to the latest version 1.7, but still having problems, to open my Raw files of my FUJI X10 camera with affinity.

The size will , that affinitry opens is 2848 pixels x 2144 pixels instad of 300 pixels x 4000 pixels. The raw converter from Adobe does open it correct. The firmware of my X10 is 2.01, so the latest release.

This problem exsitst still I started to work with this photo tool. Whnen will it be solved?

Kind regards


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Update: I looked into this and I'm not entirely sure if it's an actual bug or not. The RAW data from your camera is only 2848 pixels x 2144, which is what we read. 

Raw Image Width                 : 2848
Raw Image Height                : 2144
Raw Image Full Width            : 2944
Raw Image Full Height           : 2144
Bits Per Sample                 : 12

Your camera is not 12mp natively, but 6MP. It interpolates 2 x 6MP images into a 12 mp file, so that's why your in-camera jpeg are 12mp. I'm not entirely sure why Adobe resamples and opens it as 12mp, but it seems to be the only RAW engine doing so. I've tested several others  (CaptureOne, RawDigger, Darktable, SilkyPix) and all of them open the RAW file with the actual size from the metadata. I will log this with our developers to see if there's anything we're doing wrong when we open it, but most likely Adobe is the one "faking" it by enlarging to 12mp. 

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The Fuji X10 is advertised as a 12 MP camera with "L" (12 MP) and "M" (6 MP) settings, but further research suggests it might actually be capturing two 6 MP images which are in fact meant to be combined later on to produce a single image.  Whether that image is really 12 MP material or more legitimately 6 MP material I can't be sure, but the photo sites are separated on the sensor so they are at distinct locations and it could very well be legit to stitch them into a larger photo.

Fuji does strange things with their sensors sometimes and their cameras likely require special handling because of it...  this one evidently has an "EXR CMOS" sensor which is like two bayer patterns interspersed with each other at a 45 degree angle...  fun stuff.

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