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I've been playing around with the new update and have encountered a few issues:

  1. After zooming in and out a number of times I will suddenly not be able to scroll all the way over to reveal all my artboards. I will no long be able to scroll all the way right when zoomed in so I'm stuck in the middle of my entire page.
  2. Grids now take up the entire workspace instead of just my artboard. This wouldn't be a big problem, but see below issue.
  3. I can't snap my artboards to the giant screen grid that I now have to use. So while within the artboard things snap, it won't help if the artboard itself is not properly adjusted to a grid.
  4. I may be crazy, but it feels a bit laggy? Or choppy? It doesn't seem to run as smooth. Minor problem though.

Since most of my problems involve artboards, I will simply avoid them for now.

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Hi Dionwolfe,

The grid issues with the artboards are a known issue with development. I'll get these bumped. Regarding Issue 1, do you use a Wacom tablet at all? I tend to click and hold my scroll wheel (middle mouse button) to Pan around, however I found this stopped working due to an issue caused by using a Wacom tablet. If you don't use a tablet would you be able to do a screen recording demonstrating this issue and also the laggy behaviour mentioned in Issue 4.



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