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Working With 500+ Pages....

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I have a large ebook I'm making that contains more than 500 pages.  Because I was not thinking I used Designer to make all these pages (mostly graphics) and I have a little more than 500 pages I need to get into publisher.  I'm able to open the Designer file and have the artboards converted to pages.  I would like to set up facing pages and when I do so Publisher pretty much freezes up.  I have 16gb of ram it it does not appear to be maxing out ram.

I've let it sit now for about 5 minutes and nothing happens and publisher is unresponsive.  

So how can I accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish?


Thank you

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It may honestly just need quite a bit of time to do all that processing, I'm intrigued if it's still "processing" when this is happening or does freeze.

Can you upload the file here and I'll have a go at converting it


Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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