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  1. As someone that has spent close to $200 on Affinity products including workbooks...F**k that. I know it's not unheard but IMO I shouldn't have to pay again just to use the same piece of software on my laptop when I want to travel just because it's a different OS. I was quick to recommend Affinity products to friends and colleagues but that will no longer be the case.
  2. I bought Publisher and see the link in my account to download the windows version but I would like to download the Mac version, how can I do so? Thank you
  3. I have my table of contents set up and formatted with different size/color font and the numbers also have the same style. I would like to make all the numbers the same style, is there a way to do so? Thanks
  4. I have a large ebook I'm making that contains more than 500 pages. Because I was not thinking I used Designer to make all these pages (mostly graphics) and I have a little more than 500 pages I need to get into publisher. I'm able to open the Designer file and have the artboards converted to pages. I would like to set up facing pages and when I do so Publisher pretty much freezes up. I have 16gb of ram it it does not appear to be maxing out ram. I've let it sit now for about 5 minutes and nothing happens and publisher is unresponsive. So how can I accomplish what I'm trying to accomplish? Thank you
  5. Hello and thank you for the welcome! Here is the performance tab. Thank you and have a great day
  6. I'm working on a project that has multiple A4 sized artboards open in the same file. When I say multiple I mean some files have 40+ different artboards. I also notice that Designer is slow in that it lags to click on a different artboard in the layer section, it lags to switch files in designer, and some other things. Quad core, 16gb, m2 ssd so I don't think it's a hardware issue. I'm on Windows 7. File sizes range from 10 - 20MBs so not that large. Basically, I'm trying to figure out if there's is there any way to improve performance on large files with many artboards or if that is even the issue. Thank you