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[Fixed] AfPub Beta 337 - Hyperlinks not being added as expected

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I have today, 25 May 2019, updated to 337.

I opened an already well used Document that I use as a Template. This is similar to the attached Afbub File, the Links within this document all function as expected. When I attempted to add additional Hyperlinks:

View > Studio > Hyperlinks

Selected the Link [Text in this case]

In the Pop Up this was assigned a Page Number

The Selected Link displayed in Blue and was Underlined

The Hyperlinks Panel did not display this addition.

After many attempts a fresh start was made via:

Text > Interactive > Insert Hyperlink

Then the actions were performed as above with the same outcome, again tried many times.

Then a similar New Document was created, using 337, and all the Hyperlinks performed satisfactorily. However after:

Saving this Document

Closing and reopening it

Saving As - Giving it a New FileName

As before the actions were performed as above with the same outcome, and again tried many times.

The outcome still fails to accept New Hyperlinks.

Due to 'brain fade' spirits were temporarily lifted when a Nw Link was added, unfortunately the said link was inadvertently added to the Master Page and not a solution.

Thanks for all the great work you guys and gals are doing.

Geez - Hyperlink Problem I.afpub

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There does seem to be some hassle adding to a text frame from a Master Page. Your links don't show up in the Hyperlinks Studio but they work in an exported PDF. I added a text frame and put a link in there and it works as well as shows up in the Hyperlinks Studio.

To sum up: Links in text in a Text frame from a Master Page won't show up in the Hyperlinks Studio.

MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Mac OS 10.12.6 || Mac Pro (Late 2013) Mac OS 10.14.5

Affinity Designer 1.8.3 | Affinity Photo 1.8.3 | Affinity Publisher 1.8.3 | Affinity Designer Beta | Affinity Photo Beta | Affinity Publisher Beta

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Thanks for your reply.

Your workaround is useful.

Prior to the update to 337 the arrangement in place worked satisfactorily, and I hope the situation can be corrected.


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Hi Gabe

I ditched having a Text Frame on the Master Page of the Template used for most of my PDFs and have not got around to reinstating at this time.

It seems that the recent updates have resolved the problems experienced, in that I have produced several multi page documents without any Hyperlink problems.

One incident did occur but that was after I had made several major changes to one document that required the 'insertion' of an additional Hyperlink, it is accepted that the changes were unusual an so 'bother' was expected. My MO is to Number each Hyperlink to maintain logical order throughout the document, so making an insertion required the remaining Hyperlinks to be renumbered. A few Hyperlinks adjacent to the one inserted refused to be reassigned their New Page Number and these were selected and replaced. However two Hyperlinks dully renumbered both with 'my' Hyperlink Number and the correct system Page Number failed to navigate any Page. This was traced to the fact that the selected Link Area, the whole of a Line on the Contents Page, had morphed into becoming two Highlighted/Selected Lines. Not much chance of any system being able to decide which route to take? Deleting these Hyperlinks and starting over resolved the situation.

The decision purchase Affinity Publisher was made very early in my experience with the Beta Version, really looking forward to downloading the Full Release in a couple of days time.

Brilliant job and Kudos to the Afpub Team.

Very best wishes,


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