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Opacity with Vector Brushes

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I’m new to AD, so this question may be rooted in my lack of knowledge.

If I choose a color and a vector pen and draw two strokes, reducing the opacity in the brush context menu to 50% for the second stroke, the two strokes look different.  If I select either stroke (either in the layers studio, or with the move tool) and interrogate the stroke color, the color wheel reports the color at 100% opacity for both strokes.

1. Does that mean that the opacity for a vector brush is distinct from the opacity of the color used to make a stroke?

2. Is there a way to edit a vector stroke, and change brush opacity for it?

I’ve attached a file that illustrates my question; I saved it with it’s history.


Lionel (probably confused)

Vector Brush Opacity.afdesign

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Hi LionelD,

On the Context Toolbar, the Opacity option just after Colour, is Layer opacity and not brush opacity.  If you look at the Layers Studio and select your second stroke, you'll see on the Layers Studio the opacity settings is 50%. If you click on the Colour box on the Context Toolbar you'll get a dropdown of the Colour Studio and if you set the opacity on that and look at the Colour Studio on the right of Affinity, you'll see the opacity slider under the colour bar matches the opacity on the drop down from the Context toolbar.

So with your file that you attached, if you select the 2nd stroke, change the Layer opacity back to 100% and with that stroke still select click on the Stroke drop down on the Context Toolbar and change the Opacity here.  Next time you select a stroke, the Opacity slider on the Stroke drop down will be correct.

I hope i've explained that well enough but please feel free to ask further questions and i can always look at creating a short video showing the differences :) 

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@stokerg: Thanks, that explains a lot.  Can’t believe I didn’t realize you might be able to change the opacity of an individual stroke.



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