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EDIT: I found "aTEXT" not in table paragraph but in Textstile. That is enough for me.


Hi, what is my mistake, please. Creating a new paragraph style (as: "Text") it not to find in the list what is ending below the screen. It seems to be possible to move down with the arrow key, but it is not to see my "Text" (or "aText" to show it above...). The Hyphenation does not work to this time? Thx., lars

If I change the distance between paragraphs (end) in my new aTEXT the italic written goes to italic bold

AP 1.6.7 // AD 1.6.1 // Apu ß: Capture One+; MacBook Pro, OSX 10.13.1, early 2012 (ret), flsh 256 GB, RAM 16 GB; // Fuji X-Pro2, XF 18 - 55, XF 55 - 200 mm, nikkor 2.8/ 20 mm with shift 

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