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How to make 2 different paths become one path?

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let's say you create 2 paths with the pencil tool, if you release the click, it will create a new path. How is it then possible to make the two paths as if they were only one? And fill the area with a color. I don't want to group them, I would like to make one point from the first path join another point on the other path.


Here is an image of what I have got :




Thanks :)

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Hi Paul009,


that depends … but a standard method might be this one:

  • Activate both paths using the Node Tool (hold Shift and click the paths)
  • Choose Snap to Selected Curves in the context toolbar
  • Drag and snap the endpoint of the first path onto the desired endpoint of the second one
  • Select both points using the Node Tool marquee
  • Choose Join Curves from the context toolbar
  • Repeat for the other endpoints
  • Finally add a fill from the colour panel

Have a look at this post too:




Hope that helps, Alex  :)


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Thanks. It is great to add the video  :)

But I don't have the same icons/settings as you have. I don't have the same snap, the only snap I have is the "magnet", I can join two points, they look like they are joined but they belong to separate curves. I try to click on "add" in the context menu, but the second curve completely changes into a straight line, as if it removes all the points and join the first point from the first curve to the last point.


You can see here the straight line :



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Select View > Show Context Toolbar to see the additional options …  :)


EDIT Oh sorry, I have seen you are using the french localisation. See my second screen shot … hope that helps. Just to be clear. You need to use the Node Tool to perform the actions I described. And I was not talking about the context menu, but about the context toolbar ("barre d’outils contextuelle") …  


Cheers, Alex  :)




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