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Hi folks,

Hopefully I'm missing something obvious here but I'm trying to find a place to download ICC profiles. The print company I want to use for some large (dimensionally) prints uses a Polielectronica Laserlab printer with FujiFilm Crystal Archive digital photographic paper, at 254 DPI. 

Google is turning up nothing (and neither is the print company). I did find this link which might be useful to some people (https://colorway.com/icc# = ICC profile for Canon, Epson, HP, Brother printers) but that's not useful to me. Have been stubbing my toe on this for a while now, hopefully you guys know of a solution.


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Posted (edited)

Doing some quick checking suggests that Dry Creek Photo may have profiles to fit your needs [edit: or can create them]. https://www.drycreekphoto.com/icc/ (scroll to the bottom of the comments on this link to see the reference: https://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/1004800 )

Note (as this threw me at first) the list of profiles on Dry Creek only shows up when you pick a region that has a provider that offers the combo you need. I've not found a specific way to search (though it was a brief skim) so you may have to exhaustively search the regions for someone using that printer and that paper.

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Added the note about DCP creating custom profiles

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What profiles, for that paper and machine? Then I would ask the print service after those, since if they use those specific printer and paper type they also should have the right profiles for those.

Further you can search after the Fuji paper and see what is told about specs and profiling (calibration data) for that.

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