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  1. Stevoster

    Overwriting Original Files in Batch

    Hi Gabriel! Sure. It is a HDD, 4TB, USB3.0 Mac OS Extended. Cheers, Steve.
  2. Stevoster

    Overwriting Original Files in Batch

    Hey! Bingo - when I did the same thing on the same files no my internal Mac drive it overwrote then no problem. Is this an AF bug or what? Can I raise it with the team somehow? Doesn't bother me now that I know how to get around it but I'm guessing the developers might want to fix it. Thanks for getting back Carl and for your great & clever tip - I really appreciate it! Steve.
  3. Stevoster

    Overwriting Original Files in Batch

    Thanks Carl! I will do that. Hadn't considered the drive at all, nice thinking! S.
  4. Stevoster

    Overwriting Original Files in Batch

    Hi Carl - I am using an external drive, via USB3 to MacBook Pro. No automatic syncing to cloud or anything like that. Thanks, Steve
  5. Stevoster

    Overwriting Original Files in Batch

    Thanks Walt - that is interesting - I never checked to see if it created duplicates of them all but the number of duplicates feels like around the same, I will count next time. Still doesn't answer why it creates any duplicates at all though, very strange.
  6. Hi there, I regularly run a batch to apply a macro to hundreds of .jpg images. I want to overwrite the originals with the batch output. Is there a way to do this? When I save to the same folder, it just creates a duplicate and I then have to sort by date and delete all the old ones. Save and Save-As are disabled in Macro Record mode so that's no good. I'm probably missing something obvious. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks, Steve.
  7. Hey thanks a million the two of you - really appreciate the responses above - I got sorted!! Photos on the way back from printers now, how exciting
  8. Hi folks, Hopefully I'm missing something obvious here but I'm trying to find a place to download ICC profiles. The print company I want to use for some large (dimensionally) prints uses a Polielectronica Laserlab printer with FujiFilm Crystal Archive digital photographic paper, at 254 DPI. Google is turning up nothing (and neither is the print company). I did find this link which might be useful to some people (https://colorway.com/icc# = ICC profile for Canon, Epson, HP, Brother printers) but that's not useful to me. Have been stubbing my toe on this for a while now, hopefully you guys know of a solution. Thanks! Steve.
  9. Hey @jhoy just had to drop a note to say fair play for the responses here - I've been working through all the tutorial videos and after watching the Batch Macro one I was wondering how to do the same thing as Ian and found this thread. Legend!!
  10. Hi folks, I'm new to editing and have to first off say WOW! I love Affinity. I'm about halfway through the tutorial videos and loving how the learning is coming together. It was a bit daunting at first but I'm already surprised at the sort of stuff I can do. This is probably a silly Q about watermarks. I watched the tutorial (excellent!) and made myself a snazzy watermark but what is the best way of saving it down so I can import it into other photos? It is two text layers. Can I just save these layers somehow and import them (possibly after merging)? Also is there a way to 'batch' apply the watermark to, say, a few hundred photos that I take at a sporting event, without opening each one up and doing some work? Thank you! Steve.