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  1. Hi there, Silly Q hopefully, I am trying to print gift cards, A7 in size, so 8 per sheet of A4. I have created a new A4 doc, pasted in my A7 image 8 times, arranged it in Affinity. All looks great. When I print to my Epson P600 I choose A4 (Borderless, Auto Expand) but when I go to chop up the cards they are not aligned the same way (I can't use the guides on my paper cutter and some cards are of different dimensions). Anyone know what is causing this or how I can correct? Thanks a million in advance! Steve.
  2. Very interested in this as looking at getting Exposure X5 too - I like the look of lightroom but don't want to have anything to do with PS. Love Affinity.
  3. Aha! Typical I figured it out straight after I posted haha. Change the paper source to 'Front Fine Art' and the Fine Art papers are visible. Hopefully same for your machine (I am Epson SC600) S
  4. Hey flebeleb did you figure this out? I am having the same issue, Fine Art papers are greyed out. Thanks, Steve.
  5. Hey thanks a million the two of you - really appreciate the responses above - I got sorted!! Photos on the way back from printers now, how exciting
  6. Hi folks, Hopefully I'm missing something obvious here but I'm trying to find a place to download ICC profiles. The print company I want to use for some large (dimensionally) prints uses a Polielectronica Laserlab printer with FujiFilm Crystal Archive digital photographic paper, at 254 DPI. Google is turning up nothing (and neither is the print company). I did find this link which might be useful to some people (https://colorway.com/icc# = ICC profile for Canon, Epson, HP, Brother printers) but that's not useful to me. Have been stubbing my toe on this for a while now, hopefully you guys know of a solution. Thanks! Steve.
  7. Hey @jhoy just had to drop a note to say fair play for the responses here - I've been working through all the tutorial videos and after watching the Batch Macro one I was wondering how to do the same thing as Ian and found this thread. Legend!!
  8. Hi folks, I'm new to editing and have to first off say WOW! I love Affinity. I'm about halfway through the tutorial videos and loving how the learning is coming together. It was a bit daunting at first but I'm already surprised at the sort of stuff I can do. This is probably a silly Q about watermarks. I watched the tutorial (excellent!) and made myself a snazzy watermark but what is the best way of saving it down so I can import it into other photos? It is two text layers. Can I just save these layers somehow and import them (possibly after merging)? Also is there a way to 'batch' apply the watermark to, say, a few hundred photos that I take at a sporting event, without opening each one up and doing some work? Thank you! Steve.
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