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  1. Hi there, I regularly run a batch to apply a macro to hundreds of .jpg images. I want to overwrite the originals with the batch output. Is there a way to do this? When I save to the same folder, it just creates a duplicate and I then have to sort by date and delete all the old ones. Save and Save-As are disabled in Macro Record mode so that's no good. I'm probably missing something obvious. Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks, Steve.
  2. Stevoster

    Overwriting Original Files in Batch

    Hi Gabriel! Sure. It is a HDD, 4TB, USB3.0 Mac OS Extended. Cheers, Steve.
  3. Stevoster

    Overwriting Original Files in Batch

    Cool - thanks Dan!
  4. Stevoster

    Overwriting Original Files in Batch

    Hey! Bingo - when I did the same thing on the same files no my internal Mac drive it overwrote then no problem. Is this an AF bug or what? Can I raise it with the team somehow? Doesn't bother me now that I know how to get around it but I'm guessing the developers might want to fix it. Thanks for getting back Carl and for your great & clever tip - I really appreciate it! Steve.
  5. Stevoster

    Overwriting Original Files in Batch

    Thanks Carl! I will do that. Hadn't considered the drive at all, nice thinking! S.
  6. Stevoster

    Overwriting Original Files in Batch

    Hi Carl - I am using an external drive, via USB3 to MacBook Pro. No automatic syncing to cloud or anything like that. Thanks, Steve
  7. Stevoster

    Overwriting Original Files in Batch

    Thanks Walt - that is interesting - I never checked to see if it created duplicates of them all but the number of duplicates feels like around the same, I will count next time. Still doesn't answer why it creates any duplicates at all though, very strange.
  8. Hi folks, Hopefully I'm missing something obvious here but I'm trying to find a place to download ICC profiles. The print company I want to use for some large (dimensionally) prints uses a Polielectronica Laserlab printer with FujiFilm Crystal Archive digital photographic paper, at 254 DPI. Google is turning up nothing (and neither is the print company). I did find this link which might be useful to some people (https://colorway.com/icc# = ICC profile for Canon, Epson, HP, Brother printers) but that's not useful to me. Have been stubbing my toe on this for a while now, hopefully you guys know of a solution. Thanks! Steve.
  9. Hey thanks a million the two of you - really appreciate the responses above - I got sorted!! Photos on the way back from printers now, how exciting
  10. Hey @jhoy just had to drop a note to say fair play for the responses here - I've been working through all the tutorial videos and after watching the Batch Macro one I was wondering how to do the same thing as Ian and found this thread. Legend!!
  11. Hi folks, I'm new to editing and have to first off say WOW! I love Affinity. I'm about halfway through the tutorial videos and loving how the learning is coming together. It was a bit daunting at first but I'm already surprised at the sort of stuff I can do. This is probably a silly Q about watermarks. I watched the tutorial (excellent!) and made myself a snazzy watermark but what is the best way of saving it down so I can import it into other photos? It is two text layers. Can I just save these layers somehow and import them (possibly after merging)? Also is there a way to 'batch' apply the watermark to, say, a few hundred photos that I take at a sporting event, without opening each one up and doing some work? Thank you! Steve.

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