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A real use case. Affinity Publisher worked fantastically for me.

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I just thought I share here my personal experience of using Affinity Publisher.  I spent about 30 days writing and editing a paper with the purpose of publishing it as PDF. While I did use Microsoft Word and Grammarly a few times, to get recommendations on how to improve my text, 95% of all work happened within Affinity Publisher or Affinity Designer.

Just about every day in this period I spent multiple hours, first getting to know Affinity Publisher through experimentation, and then creating the content within it. In all these days I had a single crash, while I'll admit that designer did crash several times right after a "Save as" operation.  In these 40 days, I learned enough about Publisher to create a 44 page, fully illustrated business paper and publish it without major issues.

I've attached some images exported by Affinity Publisher.  I found the ability to export the publication as a set of PNG images quite useful in providing a quick view of the document for the user to check out, before downloading the PDF.   

As it should be obvious from my comments I am not a professional designer.  I had not worked with any such tool since the days of Page Maker, about two decades ago.  Still, I consider the results I got, working with a pre-release beta version to be quite good.

Caminhos para o Futuro - Software Houses - Paper v5_1.png

Caminhos para o Futuro - Software Houses - Paper v5_13.png

Caminhos para o Futuro - Software Houses - Paper v5_28.png

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Thank you for sharing your experience. I really like the diagram at the bottom of the page on the last image.  I agree that having the ability to swap between the three applications, Photo, Designer, and Publisher is going to be a powerful package for desktop publishing.

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I am sorry that the pages are in Portuguese, so most people won't have a clue of what is said, but I guess the purpose of having them on the post was just to show what a total newbie to this kind of thing can do with a little effort.

The chart is for a reference software architecture for creating modular and expandable software.

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