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certain Text Style naming conventions...

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When I make some modification to a certain text, that has a certain Paragraph Text Style, the Paragraph Text Style name (pTS, pTSn) adds to the end of the name a "plus sign" [+], very interesting to know when a pTS is not "pure" and is "contaminated" with any variation. A very common procedure in a lot of apps.

[StandardTextStyle] plus bold, italics, red, more-left-indent :[StandardTextStyle+]

BUT: the "plus sign" [+] doesn't distinguish wether the text modification is one (or more) independent manipulation(s), or if those come through application of a certain Character Style to the words, or if the modificacions are into the paragraph characteristics, but not to the text characters.    --> a bit confusing.... always only a [+]

It can be possibly interesting to make something to identify if this [+] corresponds to independent character or paragraph characteristics, or if correspond to a Char Style added.

[StandardTextStyle] plus bold and underlined := [StandardTextStyle+C] 
[StandardTextStyle] plus greater left indent and centered text := [StandardTextStyle+P
[StandardTextStyle] plus bold and right align := [StandardTextStyle+CP] 
[StandardTextStyle] plus Emphasis Char Style := [StandardTextStyle*C] 
[StandardTextStyle] plus Emphasis Char Style and underlined := [StandardTextStyle*C+C]   
[StandardTextStyle] plus Emphasis Char Style and underlined and wider left margin := [StandardTextStyle*C+CP]  



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I don't know if it will help you, Emilio, but when you have made a modification, you will also see the + sign in the Text Styles panel if you have text with the modified style selected:


If you expand that field by clicking on the triangle, you will see what the modifications are:

-- Walt

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Yes I know, but in the top info frame under the window bar (which is the most inmediately seen), the symbol is only a [+].

All this is because everywhere the styles applied by default are somewhat (or more than somewhat) confusing. And the char and paragraph (or even the sofisticated and specially obscure Combined Text Style S), and the way they are hierarchically ordered (if then) are applied somewhat (or more) moooore confusing. This is not only a Publisher problem, but in Publisher is specially difficult.

I hope when development ends.... 

  • Text Styles have a simpler and more comprehensive pattern.
  • The way the Text Styles are applied, specially when a default or ex-novo style is used in new text/frame/table

The usability has two key forks: user interface and using procedure !
(moreover.... think about creating a new table, an index, a TOC, etc.... needing a mix of good UI a good/simple procedure or acting philosophy)

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