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Batch processing not working

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I'm doing a batch processing of images, using a four-step macro, and nothing is happening. 

The first four, from a list of 28 images are just hung up, the wheels spinning.

When I tried with a batch of just two images they were done immediately as far I can tell.

This works for three images too.

If I do four - it does nothing at all. It does not show anything as processing - though if I try to quit Photo it stops me, saying that there is a job processing.

I've also tried batching seven images, and the first four are just stuck - as in the first list of 28.

Is there something else I need to know to get this working?

I have over 200 images to process the same way.

I have a fairly recent iMac, with 16GB of RAM, and it never slows down normally.

So what could be going wrong here?

I've followed the Affinity video, going through several times. 

The only difference is that I am outputting as PNG.


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Same problem on MacPro 2013. With parallel on, all processors and cores @100%, but no files are saved. Unchecking parallel works. I have done Parallel before and it worked then. Not sure what the issue is: MacOS or AP.

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Same problem on my iMac 2017 since I upgraded to Mojave last week. On High Sierra, everything went fine, so I suspect that the upgrade broke something.

Unchecking Parallel Processing fixes the Problem, the Βeta does not. The Βeta worked fine though as long as I did not run my imported macro on the files (but actually just converted them). I'm looking forward to any updates; if you change something in the Βeta that might help here, please let us know in this thread!

BTW: Why is still the only possibility to stop a batch to force quit the app? Please consider adding a stop/abort button to the batch pane. Or did I miss something?

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Just to let you know: This seems to be fixed in the latest beta. I just ran some batches in Affinity Photo and it runs perfectly (it did fail before the update download was completed), also with my macros imported from Affinity 1.6.7 and parallel processing enabled (and of course the new width/height expressions B| ).

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Hey there,

Here's a weird one...

I'm on Mac Os Mojave, using Affinity Photo 1.8.3.

I have 165 png files (256x256 px) to process. The result is it saves the 1st file, but not the other ones. They are named like this:




... ...


I've first created a macro, that I've applied in the batch job window, "save into" another folder than the source, and I've checked "Save as PNG", unchecked "Save as AFPhoto". Parallel processing is also checked.

When I hit ok, only cubase.png is saved.

However, when I've started over, and didn't include "cubase.png", and just added cubase1.png to cubase164.png, after having repeated the steps described above, none of the files have been saved.

I wanted to check if it was related to the way the files are named eventually, but no. I've copied a few files from the serie, renamed them as follow:




.... etc...

Same result as the 1st try; it only processed and saved "cubase.png", none of the others.


I've started thinking there was a problem with these files. So I've tried to batch process them with another software. I've used a little app called PhotoResize. I've just resized them to 255x255, and hit "resize all". It worked! 

Then I went back to Affinity Photo, and tried again the batch job but using these new files. And then it worked. 

So, why Affinity Photo struggled processing these files, as a simple tool managed to do a process and save them all? 

I'm happy to send you these files so you can check what blocked AP to process them if you guys want.

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