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Ctrl and Shift as multiplier shifters & Arrow keys

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The ability to change values in input boxes using mouse wheel is really helpfull. Even the support for Ctrl and Shift as multiplier shifters ( x0.1 and x10, respectively) is. Why aren't the Ctrl and Shift keys used the same way in combination with arrow keys for nudging?

I am aware of the option "Modifier nudge distance" for Shift + arrow keys and of that someone would prefer this. But I think, there would be better consistency in using the product achieved. 

And one more proposal ;o) What about Alt + arrow keys for 1 pixel movement, independently from previous settings?

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I have a related request: nudge operation does not align with the grid, even when snapping to grid is turned on. It does not align to pixel, either, even if "Force pixel alignment" is turned on (and even if "Move by pixel" is turned off). This makes it awkward to force existing objects align with the pixel grid as you'd need to use either the mouse, or enter values in the Transform panel. Using nudge for alignment would be much more effective.

In Illustrator nudge operates this way disregarding the increment specified for the nudge in the Preferences, in case snapping to document or pixel grid is turned on, and also disregarding the unit. In CorelDRAW this works when using the pixel grid and when snapping to pixels.

I can understand that it can be useful to keep nudge distance constant even if pixel alignment or snapping to grid is turned on, but there should be a way to use nudge for forcing object to be aligned to pixel grid. As both Ctrl and Alt keys are free for the purpose, I'd suggest that either of these would be used for fhis feature (in which case Ctrl could well be dedicated for x0.1 increment). The suggestion by @Rudolphus for using Alt + arrow for 1 pixel movement would then in practice also be fulfilled. The first movement to any direction would just be one the aligns to the pixel grid, and successive nudges in the same direction would happen in exact 1 px increments.

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