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766618055_AffinitySpecsmine.PNG.3dcbdef46137efb688d51738d3b098eb.PNG  This post relates to Affinity Publisher Beta

Following discussions on the topic 'Show Hyperlinks indication in Edit Mode' I thought I had solved a problem for someone who wanted two hyperlinks to a URL on every page, so I tried putting two hyperlinks on the Master Page of a 20 page (non-facing page) spread.  Brilliant! Only 2 hyperlinks shown in Hyperlinks Studio tab, but 20 pages with working hyperlinks when exported as PDF for Web so I posted this information.




However the correspondent claimed to be getting more hyperlinks appearing in Hyperlinks Studio tab, which at first I couldn't replicate.  However what I have now found is that if you select text  on the Master Page and create a hyperlink from it to a URL, then adding more pages does NOT add more hyperlinks to Hyperlinks Studio tab.  In my answer I had simply selected some text  positioned over a filled circle.  However if you select a GROUP [in my case a circle with text inside ] 1204351090_hyperlinksbug4.PNG.1710f94e9e3632a9852e28c5e2f3cd4e.PNG 

then creating a hyperlink to a URL from that leads to 1 extra hyperlink being added to the Hyperlink Studio tab for each page added, so the example below shows that when I've added five new pages to the spread, 5 new hyperlinks have been created.


Conclusion - hyperlinks from text source  on master page don't lead to increased number of hyperlinks when pages are added but hyperlinks from an Object source result in new hyperlinks being added when new pages are inserted


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Did not explicitly state that this bug is in Publisher

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Affinity Publisher Beta,  Windows 10 Home Edition (64 bit)

Since posting the above, I' ve played around some more and have found that if you write some text  and assign it as a hyperlink source to a URL and the hyperlink assumes the text as it's name.  Once this hyperlink has been assigned you can re-position the text onto an object and group them and the hyperlink remains as a name.  

If you group the text and an object before assigning the hyperlink, then the hyperlink is named as hyperlink nn when you assign it. 


However as stated above, hyperlinks created on the Master Page are accessible and usable  to all pages created  at the set up and extra hyperlinks from objects (as shown on Hyperlink Studio tab) only get created  if extra pages are added

There   is another thing I have noticed.  When you create a hyperlink from some text, the next text frame you draw inherits the hyperlink style UNLESS one remembers to go to the Style tab and set it to [No Style] and to set the text style to, say, Body.

overall I'm impressed by the amount of work that you have done and look forward to the launching


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Hi pman,

Thanks for the kind words and apologies for the late reply.

The next beta should have some fixes to the issues you are describing, so if you still have any of this behaviour once we release the next beta let me know!

Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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