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Object Selection by Path Only

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Hello Affinity!

It would be great if there was on option for selections, "Object Selection by Path Only" like in Illustrator. 



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I'm also raising my hand and beg you guys to include that option!

When I did an Illustrator course years ago, one of the very first things I learned was how important it was to be able to select paths only by paths. It's important because so many times you would have something covering a path and you just don't wanna fiddle around finding out where you are allowed to click on. In Illustrator this allows a more focused way to work with paths. It needs you to get used to it as it's less convinient for a more casual approach, but it lets you work more precise. 

BUT in Affinity Designer there's at least a quite OK workaround this issue: switch to wireframe-view lets you work with all paths equally. I'd still love Serif to include the additional option to just select paths by clicking on the paths as it's really weird to go back to how it works now, once you're used to it. It's like it's totally cool that Serif included moving your pen-tool in the process of drawing by pressing space which is something they tried to argue wouldn't be necessary when people asked for it and now that it's there it's just a lifesaver once you got used to it. 

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