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Flood selection tool doesn’t work annplaced image

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Flood selection tool does nog work on a placed image. The same Goes for tonal selection.

what’ s the reason?

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Hi Pavlov,
Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
Right-click the layer in the Layers panel and select Rasterise to convert it to a Pixel layer type. You can then perform both operations.

Image layers are considered an object in Affinity apps, not a traditional "raster" layer which you can edit at a pixel level as you're used to from other apps. They retain all the original image data - you can think of them as embedded images -. They are created when you use the Place Image Tool (in Affinity Designer only), the File ▸ Place command (Designer and Photo) or when you simply drag them from the Finder (Mac) or File Explorer (Windows) to the canvas of an opened document. They can be transformed globally (rotated, skewed etc) without losing quality but they cannot be edited/manipulated at a pixel level. For that they must be rasterised first as described above.

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