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SVG Export for Motion VFX Mo2 - Not working

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Im trying to use Motion VFX Mo2 Metal for a logo- I've taken the logo, and exported an SVG, but most Icon doesnt show up, and a couple I letters. It's so frustrating - here is the only example they give for how to get a SVG from your logo. Im assuming AF is better than that Inkscpae. Just need to figure out how to get it to work. thanks 


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Hi SurJones,

Not sure if this post will be of any help.  

Sadly we don't have access to Motion VFX Mo2 here in Tech, so it isn't something i can directly test or try.  But hopefully someone with a bit more experience in this field will be able to post, if the above link doesn't help.



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Welp - I will cross post this answer since it does seem there are people out there searching for answers 


I tried variable checkboxes in the export settings and found out a couple of things.


1) IF you have Transparent background, it will make it a solid in the 3D rendering. 

2)  Adding a White background behind the "logo" will reverse the process and make it so it 3D's the logo and not punches it out. 

864368484_ScreenShot2019-02-22at3_58_16PM.thumb.png.6ae2f5dfca8d447cd26d8de3cd0cc462.png 3 )In order to Show Logo, you'll need to check the checkbox HOLE in the first option.

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