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Hi, I am not familiar with the names of various color... formats? Profiles?

I opened a 16 bit "tif" file, and got a message that AP had "assigned your working profile" to the "unprofiled document" (see pic attached).

So is that still 16 bit or has it degraded it to 8 bit? And how would I know?

Is there any way of telling Affinity to always and forever do everything in 16 bit, unless I specifically choose to export as 8 bit jpg? I'm guessing that would be the "working profile" bit?

Update - under "Edit" (?) I find "Preferences" - "Color" and this seems to be where it's hiding the profile things. From there, it seems my profile is 32 bit? Or not?  

I tried closing that file and just looking under Edit (?) - Preferences, and it still shows the same as in the 2nd pic attached. Hasn't changed. Let's try opening a jpg.. I believe all jpegs are 8 bit, right?

That didn't change anything. Preference settings stay the same, regardless if I'm opening a jpeg or a 16 bit tif?

OK, first question - how to tell it to work in 16 bit? 

Can I get it to stay that way, or at least recognize 16 bit 'tif' files from the software I'm using?

Bonus Question (BQ) What's the difference between tiff and tif, and jpg and jpeg? :D






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Good question. I have often wondered this myself. I usually get it with a newly scanned .png or .tif. I do notice that you (and probably myself) has the box labelled "Warn when assigning working profile to unassigned files" checked.

I have found that when I save (export) such a file, I get the same message again when I re-open.

There is no difference between a .tif and a .tiff, or a .jpg and a .jpeg. however I have found that Windows will sometimes allow me to have both a filename.tif and filename.tiff, which is not reallyl desirable. This can occur when VueScan exports an image with one, then Affinity loads it and saves it as the other.



Windows 10, Affinity Photo 1.8,5 Designer 1.8.5 and Publisher 1.8.5 (mainly Photo), now ex-Adobe CC

CPU: AMD A6-3670. RAM: 16 GB DDR3 @ 666MHz, Graphics: 2047MB NVIDIA GeForce GT 630

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Hi both, 

Document colour profile and Colour bit depth are 2 different things. 

When you import an unprofiled document, it will keep its bit depth, and assign a colour profile based on the settings you have in your Color Preferences. This will not convert your document bit depth, but just assign (and not convert) a colour profile to your document. 

There is a big difference between assigning and converting. 

Assigning just maps the current values to a colour space, while converting changes the values from one colour space to another, trying to keep the same appearance (where possible)

You can check the current working colour profile and bit depth by selecting the View tool. (RGBA/16bit with ProPhoto RGB colour profile)

Screenshot 2019-02-19 at 13.30.16.png



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OK, good to know.

I'm sure in one of the tutorials the silky-voiced guy says to make sure you're editing in 16 bit, to prevent banding when doing gradients and stuff?

So.. I guess that's my question.. or was he just talking about saving the file, for later? 


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That really depends on how you deliver the artwork. For gradients, in 16 bit you will have a wider range of values (0 to 65535), compared to 8bit (0 to 255), but you will be limited by the export format (e.g. Jpeg is 8 bit. So even if your document is set to 16 bit, it will convert the values down to 8 during export)

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Sorry, let me rephrase that, as I guess you could export an 8 bit jpg as a 16 bit tif, which would just be a larger file size for the same image - my concern is if there is any setting or adjustment I might make by mistake, such as some default, or a setting I should make on purpose, even if it slows things down, to ensure I am preserving the 16 bit aspect of the file I'm working on?

Sorry for being so nooby :D


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