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Specify width of dash gaps in mm

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Now, I am creating a leather crafting sketch for laser cutter. In the sketch, I need to to draw 0.001mm dash line which is used as hand stiching for leather craft. And the line should have 4mm gaps in any scales.

Affinity Designer on iPad has dash line features, though, the gap size depends on the stroke width. I would like to specify the gap size by mm which does not see the stroke widgth. Is it possible to draw such lines?

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Hi @jef2vec,

Welcome to the forums. 

I'm afraid that at the moment, the gap is linked to the stroke width. So, a value of 1 in the gap is the stroke's value. 

Here, I set the grid to 1mm, subdivision to 0.1mm. Stroke to 0.1mm, and spacing to 1.

Screenshot 2019-02-18 at 10.19.48.png

Also, the current gap values can only go up to 100. I don't believe this dashed line has been designed to accept hairline values. 



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Hi, jef2vec,

The limiting factor does seem to be that the gap can only bee 100 X of the width. It appears that the line width, .001mm for the dash size, is supported, but the gap, as far as I can tell would need to be around 1400. FWIW, I need to be zoomed in 1500000 times to see the dots. So also really hard to see what is going on.

Just curious, what kind of laser cutter is used for this? The specs for ones I've seen have a kerf of around .2 mm. So is the dash point just the center of a .2 mm burn?

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