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Circle of Friends logo redesign and how to clarify the image.


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A while ago I went to a portfolio show to get advice from some leading graphic designers in the area. When I showed one designer this logo that I did for a women’s group he said to me that at first didn’t realize that they were people due to their heads not being very visible in front of their arms. He also thought that the curves of the dress made it appear like they were rubber gloves.

He suggested that I move the arms further apart so the head would be more visible and to straighten the dress out more. The image on the left is the redesign I did after listening to his advice. There many other type choices I have been experimenting with that I might try as well. I would love to hear what other people think!



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Hi Kip,


I think you've done a fantastic job in the redesigned version - it works really very well! It's better balanced than the original - both in the positioning of the characters and in their effective 'weight' in the composition - they previously seemed too much. I know it's sometimes difficult to act on advice because it sometimes seems to detract from your original idea, but I'm glad you've acted on this because the result is very strong. Nicely done! :)



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Thanks Matt and GRScott, It's good to know that the weight of the logo has also improved along with it being easier to understand what the images are. I no longer work in a company with other designers so having other designers critique my work really helps. I might test out some of the other typefaces I was looking at when first designed the logo a few years ago. I came across several whimsical mostly script like fonts that might work well with the redesign. I attached those to this post.


This project was also my first (and last) attempt at trying to do hand drawn type. At the time I was looking at a lot of work by poster designer Jay Ryan who not only drew his posters illustrations but all the type on the posters! The character width and line spacing wasn't quite working on my hand drawn type logo so I had to abandon that idea. I think the women logo makes more sense since it's closer to what the title implies (a circle shape of friends) Still it was a fun experience and I now have huge respect for people who are able to pull off type design like that!



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