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I am not sure what to attribute this peculiarity to... Let me explain. Please, see attached images.

Notice that when tabular figures are chosen in 'Typography' panel, line breaks occur in the middle of a word. While, when figures are set to 'default', line breaks are as expected. This is true even when text does not contain numbers/figures. The same occurs in Affinity Designer but it does not occur in other layout software. Based on the fonts I have, I can see this behavior only with 'Work Sans' font (https://github.com/weiweihuanghuang/Work-Sans). Work Sans font has been behaving reliably so far. So, I don't know where this behavior is coming from. The font or the software?

Affinity Publisher Beta on iMac late 2009, High Sierra.

Numbers default - linebreaks ok.png

Numbers tabular - linebreaks strange.png

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