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"Special characters and glyphs" page in Help could be more useful

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It would be useful to a lot of users if the "Special characters and glyphs" page of the Help could give:
* what each character looks like (if possible);
* a short explanation of what it does, or what it can/should be used for;
* a good visual example of where it has been used.

Some characters are fairly self-explanatory - "Page Number", "Copyright", etc. - but some, such as (but not limited to) "Soft Hyphen", "Sixth Space", "Zero-Width Non-Joiner" and "Punctuation Space" are meaningless to people without a good DTP/printing background.
I'm sure there are lots of explanations around the web but it would be nice if users didn't have to search for them.
Obviously the Help isn't finished yet, but it would be a shame if this sort of useful information was omitted.

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