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First of all, sorry for the clickbait title, but this is so weird ... ;)

Step 1: I created a flyer with some graphic elements, a little bit of text and one image. So far so good.

Step 2: I generated a PDF and printed this file with Acrobat. All fine.

Step 3: I printed the file from Foxit Reader 9.2. Surprise: The image vanished.

Step 4: Getting curious. In Foxits printing dialogue advanced section I disabled the PCL driver for the printer. Surprise: The image was printed.

Step 5: Examining the PDF showed no errors, a valid document.

Step 6: Found the culprit - me being lazy. When I created the flyer I was lazy and copied the image from an Indesign document (417 % scaling, because while inserting into Publisher, the image shrinks in its dimensions) and pasted it into Publisher. The copied image was a layer of its own with the correct file name, but the image did not appear in the resource manager.

Step 7: Doing it the long (correct) way: Placed the image, generated the PDF, printed from Foxit with PCL driver enabled. Perfect.

Conclusion: Something is ... wrong ... the way elements are inserted into Publisher via copy and paste. Hopefully this is getting fixed. :)


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I cant recreate what you are seeing - if you have time  a sample document showing the issue would be useful

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No, it is not printer dependent. I happened on three different printers. Did you use FoxitReader? Do you have this kind of options in your printer settings?




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