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PDF import with wrong textbox sizes

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Still the same PDF-import errors in Beta (Windows 10): the textboxes have not always the exact sizes. Most times they are okay, but not always. Here just one example.

1) The original AfPub-file: 1-textboxes.afpub


2) The perfectly exportet PDF: 2-textboxes.pdf

3) The wrong import version a: 3-textboxes.afpub




4) The wrong import version b:  4-textboxes.afpub






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The differences in this import are due to the "Favour editable text over fidelity" box being ticked, if this is not enabled the textboxes are as it looks inside the pdf.

It looks like when we import this with the option enabled the justification settings on the text aren't being imported that well.

I'll log this to ensure we are doing the best we can when importing with the editable text option enabled, but if you just ensure it's disabled for now it will import as it looks in the pdf.


Serif Europe Ltd. - www.serif.com

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