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Is 1.7 just bug fixes?

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I've just tried out the 1.7 beta and I don't see anything different. Even the change list is just bug fixes. Will there be no new features in 1.7?

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The items marked in the post pinned to the top of this thread are only the changes/fixes since the previous beta. To get a better idea of what's been added or fixed since 1.6.5 you need to start reading the beta release posts in reverse order (they all have the same sort of title so they're easy to spot).
In brief, some of the major additions to 1.7 so far are:
* Column Guides (easier to create page layouts);
* Construction Edit Mode (to help with designing complex shapes);
* Isometric Edit Mode (helps a lot with isometric drawing);
* More Typographic Options (bullet points etc.);
* Quite a few extra Node Tool features (can't remember what they are off the top of my head).
There will be others so you'll be best-off reading the official posts to see exactly what's what.

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