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  1. I completely agree this would be a great feature to add and would add a lot of value to the product. Unfortunately I have also seen previously that their stance is that they will not be exposing the ability for third parties to make add-ons or extend the program. Not sure if they have reconsidered this stance in the last year or so, but I think they should. I personally would like to write a plugin or two.
  2. oh wow. I never realized that was there. Looks like I might find many more features hidden in those hints. I just saw alt to disable snapping when dragging. That's fantastic too
  3. Is it in current beta, or still upcoming? I don't see it anywhere yet.
  4. Short description: Please allow us to add nodes to our selection that directly neighbor the existing selection of nodes. Read below for a more detailed description. Given a shape such as this: and a need to select only the inner loop of nodes like so: there is not a good way to do that currently. You can individually select each node but that can be prohibitively time consuming (especially on more intricate shapes), and If you try to box the nodes, it is impossible to draw a box that includes all the nodes on the inner shape while excluding the outer ones: My request is to add functionality to select n neighboring nodes. This will allow the user to select a single node and "grow" the selection outward through any nodes connected by edges/path. Here is a janky drawing showing how selecting the inner top left node could grow outward along the path for given values of n. In this example the idea is that the selection will grow outward in both directions from the initial selected node. Therefore the desired end result from the problem above can be achieved by selecting any one of the nodes on the inner loop and then using this proposed functionality to select all nodes that neighbor within a distance of 10. That will lead to this: I think/hope this would be useful to other designers too and I hope you can consider adding it in. Thanks!

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