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Text styles - sizes based on percents (%) / multiply

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i am thinking about something what would be very useful for webdesigners. What about creating new text styles based on other with font size specifed by percents (or multiply)? For example:

base font size: 16pt
h6: 100% of base
h5: 110% of base
h4: 120% of base


Now we are able only to set sizes only with pt (or other units). That causes the problem when i change value of base font and i need to manualy calculate every other sizes and change it one by one.


BTW - thats my first post, so welcome. Really love Affinity software, you're doing great job!

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Have you tried just typing in 110% into the font size box? Works here. Set up your "h6 Style" then use the Character Studio to change the font size to 110% and then use the Paragraph Studio to make a new style called "h5 Style". Rinse and repeat.

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