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Dashed stroke doesn't fit to Isometric plane properly

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WIndows 10 Home (1803), Designer

I've just noticed that a thick dashed stroke doesn't seem to be rotated/skewed/sheared (or whatever) properly when fitted to an Isometric plane.
See attached image where the versions are - from left to right - fitted to Top, Side, and Front (afdesign document also attached).
Notice the shapes of the ends of the dashes; they don't fit with the rectangle.

Workflow to reproduce:
* New document;
* Create black rectangle;
* Create thick dashed line, with a butt or square cap (so it's easier to see);
* Put dashed line within the rectangle layer;
* Open Isometric studio (and create grid if necessary);
* Select the Top plane;
* Press "Fit to plane".

dotted stroke on isometric plane.afdesign


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Yeah, I don't see this as a high priority thing at all, especially considering the other issues with the dashed stroke function, so I'll just report it and let it bubble up the priority tank as nature sees fit. (I only spotted it as part of some experimentation so I don't actually need it yet anyway.)

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Hi GarryP,

Unfortunately this is not possible, due to the way perspective projects have been designed. The perspective planes are not in 3D, instead objects are rotated and skewed to fit the projection. 

Because of this it would be impossible to do this to a dotted line.

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Thanks @Sean P
That's fine. If it it what it is then that's that.
It might be worth mentioning this in the Help documentation somewhere when it comes to release, just to let people know it's not a bug.
(It's a teeny-weeny bit of a shame as it would make isometric roads a lot easier to draw but that's not exactly a major use of the software, and there are workarounds.)

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