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Color Wheel often disappears in HSL adjustment tool

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Often when I use the HSL Tool the colors on the color wheel disappear. I use Affinity Photo in Full Screen on an Imac 5K 27" from late 2015. The colors reappear if I switch to a different App/Screen and than back to Affinity Photo. The Tool still works but you cant see your range. I reported this before in a reply but now I got around to take a screenshot of the behavior.

Best regards Johannes

after selecting a range with the picker


it reappears after switching to a different screen


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6 minutes ago, MEB said:

Welcome to Affinity Forums :)
I've not yet able to make the colours of the wheel disappear but I've managed to get them corrupted. Something isn't working quite right here. I'm checking a few more things and will log this to be looked at. Thanks for lettings us know.

Thanks, it happens mostly when I use the picker to select a custom range

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