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  1. Hello, I would find it very useful if I was able to freely position the tool pop ups from for example the curve or hsl tool. Especially on the iPad Pro 11 inch the center placement of the tool often makes it harder to judge the impact adjustments have on the image while using the tool as it takes up a lot of screen real estate in the center. A great addition would be if something like being able to undock tool and drag it with two fingers to a different location in the workspace would be implemented. Thanks for considering, Johannes
  2. A search bar at the top of the adjustment and effects tab that gives quick access to an adjustments without scrolling.
  3. Hallo, gerade zufällig deinen Post gesehen. Der ist hier in der Kategorie leider falsch glaub ich. Den müsstest du verschieben in den Teil des Forums für Affinity Photo Ipad Bugs. Und auf Englisch schreiben welches hier der gemeinsame Sprach Nenner ist. Beste Grüße Johannes
  4. Hello, An option to make the Histogram visible/floating while doing any of the other adjustments. This would be useful for example when adjusting the levels or brightness tool and keeping it open while switching layers etc. Best regards Johannes
  5. Before the restart after first writing this thread I tried to imported the raw photo from an SD card directly into the Apple photos app on the iPad too. The import itself worked but after it was finished it would show up square and very low res in the library and would not be editable. Definitely looks like an IOS Bug.
  6. Yes but in the official list of supported cameras for IOS 12 ( https://support.apple.com/de-de/HT208967 ) it says that Fujifilm X-H1 uncompressed raf should be supported.
  7. Hello, Although I switched my X-H1 one to uncompressed raw I cant open the files in affinity photo on the ipad (ios 12.1, 11" Ipad pro). They show just fine in Preview on the Mac wich the compressed files didnt. When I import a file from Icloud into Affinity Photo on the Ipad I get a black screen and It says no camera Data at the top. Do you have any Idea what the problem could be? Best regards Johannes
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