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Real vector brushes

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Can anybody tell me is there going to be real vector brushes someday and the ability to import Adobe Illustrator brushes? Please..... Don’t make me desperate.

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I'm not an insider; just a user like you. But I certainly assume that vector based "brushes" (i.e., ability to stretch, repeat, or blend vector objects along paths) are planned.

However, I would just as strongly think it unrealistic to expect a reverse-engineering of Adobe Illustrator's specific treatments of "brushes".  So I'd expect any ability to directly import Illustrators' brushes as still-live constructs to be just as unlikely for Affinity as it is for any other competitive drawing program. Corel Draw, Canvas, etc., can't directly import Illustrator brushes, either, just as Illustrator can't directly import working copies of proprietary constructs in those programs and just as Illustrator can't directly import Affinity's raster-based brushes.

Nor would I even want that. Illustrator's vector-based brushes are one of its few truly differentiating features, and I even dare say I use them more elaborately than most users do. But that doesn't mean it can't be done better. Illustrator's Art, Scatter, and Pattern Brushes are full of unnecessary limitations and they are too "standalone" in nature; "ignorant" of other Illustrator functionality that should be integrated with them.

Think about it: Such a feature ties in with a lot of other more foundational functionality (path strokes, fills, ends, Symbols, envelope distortion…). Affinity is still only approaching version 2, and its functional foundation (like transformations) is still very much under development. To build something better than standard fare, you don't put the cart before the horse, just to be able to claim "me, too."


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