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Slawomir Barcz

[By Design] Delayed reaction to putting points and moving them

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Hi. I use the latest iPad and Apple pencil. When I draw shapes using PEN TOOL and edit the curve by moving points using NODE TOOL, there is a small half-second delay in the response of the application to where it wants to put the point or to move it. It's soooo frustrating. It would be ideal if I had a point at once when I applied the pen to the screen, or the point moved immediately according to the movement of my hand and pencil. This is absolute base and experience in dealing with the tool, Apple Pen and iPad. Please, please correct this inconvenience and I will be grateful!

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Thank you. This is expected as you have 2 options when using the pen tool. Tap or tap-drag. That delay is there to allow time to decide between a tap and a tap-drag. Otherwise, you would have a smooth node with 2 handles every time the pen does not stay still. Moved to feature requests. 

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