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  1. In previous versions of Designer, when selecting more than one node on a path, I would use to node tool and with 1 finger touching I would tap each node with the pencil to add it the the selection. In 1.7 when I do that, instead of adding each node to the selection it converts the point to a sharp angle (no bezier handles) and doesn't add the selected point at all. The only way I can select more than one point on a path is with rectangular selection. Is this new functionality or a bug? Thanks, Chris
  2. Crispe

    Magic Wand Tool

    It doesn't. Well, not since I last used it and I don't think its been added to the 1.7 beta either. Lack of a magic wand tool is one of the main reasons that I can't replace Illustrator with Affinity. I use the magic wand tool to select and change colours frequently but also to select and change strokes of the same width or colour. Its an amazing tool and such a core part of my process that I can't go without it.
  3. Yeh I've had this since day one as well. Not so much the placing of the point, but moving points has a noticeable delay.
  4. Crispe

    Node Tool Accuracy

    I've got no idea how people are able to use this app with this issue in it. Right now it's so punishing trying to edit your curve that it's essentially unusable for me in any productive manner. It's been in there since it launched in July as well. 4 months (and counting) to fix such a core usability problem is pretty disappointing. I'm assuming/hoping this will be fixed in the next main numbered update but considering that's probably months away, an incremental fix would be awesome.

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