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Doesn't seem to be possible - or am I just being stupid …? Also could there be a way - if there isn't already to layer shapes on top of a photo…? I'm redecorating my bedroom at the moment and I've laboriously converted all the colours I'm considering into RGB and Hex values, I just need a way of playing around with them. I don't see any way of adding additional swatches to a palette (it is almost 03:30 though, but I do better at night).

Yes, I know that screen colours are not going to be the same as the actual paint (wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a way of reconciling them somehow, some kind of intermediary colour space).I've already found that one green I was considering was far bluer 'in the flesh' than it was on Dulux's website. 

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Hi Gaia-Sophia,

Your not stupid you just ignoring this :D

You need to select the Swatch tab.

You can add 4 types of palettes as you can see bellow. Just click on the drop down menu (highlighted in yellow)  image.png.79900d79f64b249d91ba4d350cff4ae6.png 


I have create a palette from an image.


And depending how many color I would like to have with the cursor, I've set it to 48


and this is the result.


Hope that will help you! 


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A document palette is stored as part of the document so it will only be there when that document is open and will move with the document if you transfer it between computers.

An application palette is stored as part of your user account on the computer and will be available regardless of which document you open but only for that user on that computer.


A global color can only be stored in a document palette and if you update the global color the color of any objects in the document which that global color was used for will get updated together; useful if you put together a small palette of colors based on what they are used for and decide late in a project that you want all of the borders in the document to be blue instead of black.

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