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  1. I know you can create a right-angled triangle with the triangle tool, but it isn't exact enough for my needs. I need one that's half an equilateral, as I don't seem to be able to get what I need by creating a shape, is there any way I can slice an equilateral triangle in half…?
  2. Sorry Thomas, but I think you're looking at - thinking of - something else, Dan's right, this behaviour should be expected and doesn't happen. I've checked myself just now. I think, though, this might be a language issue (although your English is better than my German). What Dan is meaning - I think - is that when you select an object, the palette doesn't update to reflect the object's colour, it remains on the last used colour - and he's right, it doesn't. For example, I have just selected a yellow object in my project, but the palette still shows the last colour I used (a soft indigo) and I can't find this list you're referring to - do you mean the panel underneath the palette box, the one with the 'layers, character, paragraph and text styles' tabs…? Yes that does highlight there currently selected object, but it DOES NOT tell you any further info about it. If you've used many colours in a project - and particularly if you've used many shades of the same colour, there doesn't seem to be a way of reminding yourself what you've used where. If you disagree with what I'm saying Thomas, perhaps you could post a screenshot so that Dan and I can better understand exactly what you mean. Peace G-S
  3. Doesn't seem to be possible - or am I just being stupid …? Also could there be a way - if there isn't already to layer shapes on top of a photo…? I'm redecorating my bedroom at the moment and I've laboriously converted all the colours I'm considering into RGB and Hex values, I just need a way of playing around with them. I don't see any way of adding additional swatches to a palette (it is almost 03:30 though, but I do better at night). Yes, I know that screen colours are not going to be the same as the actual paint (wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a way of reconciling them somehow, some kind of intermediary colour space).I've already found that one green I was considering was far bluer 'in the flesh' than it was on Dulux's website.
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