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Print dialog needs work

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Mac version

1) Print dialog settings are not remembered after printing. I often print on many different sizes of greeting card envelopes on my Epson XP-830 or XP-800 and have built dozens of custom sizes in the Mac OS print dialog's Paper Size menu. After I print an envelope, if I return to the print dialog it's defaulted back to the A4 paper size. The paper size should be saved with the document and all print dialog settings should be persistent from one session to the next.

2) Same as above -- the Print Presets aren't remembered.

3) Print orientation: My Epson printers want envelopes fed through the manual slot with the flap on the left. If I do that, Publisher prints the envelope 180° of what is shown on the print preview screen. If I choose "Reverse Page Orientation" in the Layout menu, the print preview rotates 180° and would appear to print incorrectly on the envelope, but it prints correct with the top of the envelope along the flap side. The print preview screen shows 180° incorrect no matter what settings I choose.



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Agree. – Concerning recently selected "Pages" seems partially to be remembered in the print options: In the preview it shows my recent page range selection ( 2 pages only) as picture and in words – whereas it has no entry in the according "Pages:" text field. (screenhot). Finally indeed it prints the complete document - which is annoying if you have trusted the pages preview information.

758012155_printpageselection-1.jpg.648bc435afa6c078c33eba2d3a12b96e.jpg   926069088_printpageselection-2.jpg.bdc339212c055986662b4e8ccd081898.jpg


Export options might be related to this topic:  Also in "Export" I would expect the app to remind the recent selection of "Area" (page vs spread etc).
Working already is the recent page number, unfortunately it gets grayd-out and hampered by the auto-reset of "Area" from page to spreads after each print action.

macOS 10.12.6,  Macbook Pro 15" + Eizo 24"

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Similar problems in

Scale value resets to 100% after printing and Range doesn't reflect what you set.

When you tab after selecting All / Even / Odd / Current the number of pages doesn't change - so if you select "odd" in a six-page document the preview changes to three pages; but you can't get back to six.

It forgets the document model.

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