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  1. Affinity Publisher 1.7.1 Mac OS 10.11.6 I posted this bug on November 25, 2018 during the beta period but it apparently didn't get addressed. Publisher doesn't remember ANY of the print dialog settings from one print session to the next, and doesn't save any of the print dialog settings with the Publisher document. I've got a bunch of custom paper sizes for different size greeting card envelopes and in order to print to my Epson XP-800 printer I have to go to Layout and "Reverse Page Orientation" in order to get the envelope type to print right-side up on the envelope when I use the manual feed slot with the flap to the left of the printer per Epson's recommendations. My hope is that you'll fix Publisher to remember ALL the print settings from one print session to the next, and also to save all the print settings with the document so they're correctly set the next time I open the document to print a new envelope. The first screen shot attached shows a #10 envelope set up correctly to print, with the Envelope paper size chosen and the Layout reversed (which I shouldn't need to do). The 2nd screenshot shows the print dialog immediately after printing the envelope. The print dialog has defaulted to the wrong custom paper size and all the other print dialog settings have been forgotten.
  2. Mac version 1) Print dialog settings are not remembered after printing. I often print on many different sizes of greeting card envelopes on my Epson XP-830 or XP-800 and have built dozens of custom sizes in the Mac OS print dialog's Paper Size menu. After I print an envelope, if I return to the print dialog it's defaulted back to the A4 paper size. The paper size should be saved with the document and all print dialog settings should be persistent from one session to the next. 2) Same as above -- the Print Presets aren't remembered. 3) Print orientation: My Epson printers want envelopes fed through the manual slot with the flap on the left. If I do that, Publisher prints the envelope 180° of what is shown on the print preview screen. If I choose "Reverse Page Orientation" in the Layout menu, the print preview rotates 180° and would appear to print incorrectly on the envelope, but it prints correct with the top of the envelope along the flap side. The print preview screen shows 180° incorrect no matter what settings I choose. Thanks! --Brian