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Deleted Text Styles Reappear

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I am using Beta 174 in Windows 8.1. I have been working with Text Styles on a test document in APUB. I noticed there were over 100 text styles like: Box, Box1, Box2...Box21, with same for other styles. I spent some time deleting most of these styles, keeping only one or two of each as well as the new ones I created. After closing APUB and opening it again, all the dozens of deleted Text Styles reappeared magically, along with new ones where I edited a Text Style (reported previously). Deleted Text Styles should remain deleted.

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Hi ToOldForThis

When you open APub again are you opening the previous file or starting a new one? Text styles are shaved per document so if you started a new document the default ones would populate the text styles panel again. 

I've tried here and any styles i delete stay deleted for that document


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I must really be "ToOldForThis" as my brain is slipping! I was working on two documents in APub that are very similar. I was having trouble with the first, so I created a new one that has much the same contents, which is the one I've been working with. Just for kicks, I looked at the old one, and sure enough--it's where I spent all that time deleting text styles. I deleted some in the new document, restarted APUB, and they did not come back.

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